Wandern in Ramsau am Dachstein

Hikes in and around Ramsau am Dachstein

Rittisberg trail, Halseralm-Sonnenalm

Wandern in Ramsau am Dachstein

You start from the hotel and walk the Tannenweg, starting west behind “Waldschenke”, until you reach Helpfererhof. Then you take the small nice walk to Rittiserhof – via Waldheimweg – Tischlberger Inn to Greimelbacherhof. Here you get on the forest road to Halseralm.


Halseralm is a 400-year-old farmhouse - still without electricity. The speciality of the house is the flambéed Kaiserschmarrn.

If you want to continue your walk you can go on to the Sonnenalm. There the host plays on his accordion and makes a lot of jokes!

After a nice rest at the cabin you walk on around the Rittisberg until you reach the fish ponds. From there you walk along Tannenweg back to the hotel.

Hiking time: about 4 hours. Easy hike.




Dachstein Gletscherbahn und Sky Walk

The highlight of your holiday – a visit to the Dachstein Glacier!
The Dachstein Cable Car takes guests not only up the mountain to a height of 2,700 meters above sea level, but also to a diverse, wonderful winter wonderland.


All of the visitors enjoy the impressive view, which is best seen from the Dachstein Sky Walk – the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps. Beneath your feet: the 250-meter vertical rock face of the Hungerkogel. Sections of the floor are made of glass – guaranteeing an unforgettable view!

The Dachstein Ice Palace opens its doors and takes guests directly into the inner depths of the Dachstein Glacier. A fascinating world of ice, light and sound awaits you.

NEW: The Dachstein suspension bridge and the "stairs into nothingness"!

If you prefer your home comforts, you can head straight for the Glacier restaurant at the Dachstein Bergstation cable car station and enjoy the culinary delights available.
The Dachstein Cable Car runs daily from 8:30am until 4:50pm.

Tipp: Reserve your cable car to the top and also back down again and you do not have to wait in line!  reserve cable car here

Gratis mit der Sommercard:

The glacier cable car is included in the summercard once in 7 days! 



"Fünf-Hütten-Weg" the classic hike

Wandern in Ramsau am Dachstein

Beautiful walk, suitable for families up to the Alpine pastures' region. Duration of round trip: about 5 to 6 hours. It is possible to take the public bus back to the hotel.


The walk starts with a classic path on the plateau up to the Alpine pastures over fields and through forests to the tree line.

From the hotel you walk past the school and past Hotel Knollhof to Hotel Lindenhof where you hit the hike number 671. At Edelbrunn you can choose if you take the Roseggersteig or the nice forest road to Austriahütte. The walk to Südwandhütte begins on the right side of the glacier cable car station. After a short rest you can walk down to Maralmboden (steep path, only for good hikers). Keep left until you reach Neustadtalm and then Glösalm. After a short rest you can walk on to Schlitzenalm and then back to Ramsau Ort, or you take the bus back. Great view of the Dachstein and numerous mountain lodges.

Hiking time: about 4 to 5 hours  
Difference in altidute: Ramsau Ort – Südwandhütte: 736 meters

Gratis mit der SommercardFree bus ride with the summercard!



Ramsauer Panorama Avenue

Bergwandern in Ramsau am Dachstein

This marvellous round path will elate you! It is very sunny and you have a very nice view.


You walk down to the ‘ski jump’ where you turn right (towards west) and walk along the Philosophenweg. Then you cross the road after Ederhof. Now you follow this beautiful path east till you get to Gruberstube – this is a lovely old farmhouse where you can eat or drink something. On the way home you can stop by at the Restaurant ‘Walcher’, where Monika, a former member of our staff, will welcome you!



Reiteralm – Spiegelsee

Wandern auf der Reiteralm

Beautiful panorama hike from Reiteralm to Mirror Lake!

You go by car or bus to Reiteralm.


Here at 1,716 m is your starting point. First you hike to the summit of Gasselhöhe (2,001 m). Here you can have a short rest and wonderful panoramic views of the Dachstein massif, the "Low- and High-Tauern". Along the back of the beautiful mountain you go to the turning point of the tour, the Ripperteck (second peak) at 2,126 m. From there you hike back down into the corrie between Schoberspitz and Gasselhöhe.
There are a series of small lakes located in a magnificent scenery:
Small and icy, the upper lake. A little farther, there is the most famous lake - Mittersee - also known as Mirror Lake, a popular photo opportunity with the Dachstein mirroring.

Hiking time: 4 hours
difference in altitude: 400 meters

Gratis mit der SommercardWith the summercard the hiking bus and the cable car are included!



Duisitzkar Lake 1,213 – 1,648 m

Duisitzkarsee in den Schladminger Tauern

Amidst high mountains, almost hidden, lies the Duisitzkar Lake. It belongs to the most idyllic lakes in Schladminger Tauern! 

You take the car or bus to Schladming and then to Rohrmoos until you reach Eschachalm.


Here you start your hike. You will walk 400 meters difference in height to Neualm, where you get on a trail (very nice view, but sometimes steep and rocky) to beautiful Duisitzkar Lake. After a break at the lake and in the cozy cottage you walk the same way back to the car. You may also use a detour - on a forest road.

Hiking time: 4 - 5 hours
Difference in altitude: 660 meters

Gratis mit der SommercardFree bus ride with the summercard! 



"Ramsau walk"

Wandern in Ramsau am Dachstein

You take the bus to the ground station of the glacier cable car.

From there you hike along one of the most beautiful walks of the Alpine region back to the hotel.


A wonderful walk from Türlwandhütte to Brandalm and back to Ramsau. You take the bus up to the ground station of the glacier cable car and walk for about 2 hours on a nice wide path steady back down to Ramsau Ort.
It’s worth a stop: Brandalm (20 min.) or Dachsteinhaus (1 hour.)

Hiking time: about 2 hours
Difference in altitude: about 650 meters

Gratis mit der SommercardFree bus ride with the summercard! 

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